Four Mothers Farm

             Welcome to Four Mothers Farm
       We are a small Eastern Shore family farm:
                  33726 Dublin Rd
                  Princess Anne, MD 21853
                  We raise milk and meat goats
                  Free range chickens and ducks

                  Lettuces, Cabbages, Carrots, 
                  Tomatoes, Peppers, 
                  Egg-plant, Cuccumbers, Ochra
                  String-beans, Cauliflower, Potatoes
                  Hibiscus, Amaranth, Scotch-bonnet peppers, micro-greens

                  We run on geothermal, wind and solar renewable energies
                  We implement labor and energy saving technologies
                  We use organic methods
                  We grow year-round in high-tunnell greenhouses
      It is our goal to be in production year round, fueled by renewable energy from wind and sun.            
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